Mindfulness Skills

When you practice mindfulness with consistency—even just 2 minutes a day—you’ll gain some new skills that positively affect your life inside (and outside) of the classroom.

Focus and Attention

School days are full of important moments and teachers are often juggling many things at once. Mindfulness gives teachers tools to help focus their attention on the task at hand, tackling the mountain of to-do’s one step at a time.

Observation and Noticing

What can we see when we look through mindful eyes? When we observe habitual patterns and thoughts with curiosity, non-judgmentally. With this power of observation, we can make choices that better align with the outcomes we’re working towards.

Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation isn’t about suppressing emotions. By using the skills of observation and attention, we’re able to regulate our emotions by noticing them, giving ourselves a pause to feel what we feel, and then being able to make choices that support what our bodies and minds need in response to that emotion.

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