Set your intention

An intention is a way of being in the present moment.

What does it mean to “set an intention?”

An intention expresses whatever might be most helpful for you, right now, to get the most from today.

Setting an intention can be a very powerful tool to help us learn.

Doing so in our professional life and personal life helps us learn and live in a deeper and more authentic way; it helps us discover what we truly value, and allows us to make stronger connections with others.

An intention can sound like this:

  • I am fully present.
  • I take risks.
  • I connect with others.
  • I ask difficult questions.
  • I notice joyful things that surround me.

When we set an intention, we are more likely to make choices that support it — in what we do or what we think.

Are you ready to set yours?

Listen as Caryl provides guidance on setting your intention.

We invite you to write your intention somewhere. It could be in a planner, notebook, post-it, or journal. Do what feels best for you right at this moment.

Your intention is just for you. Keep it at the forefront of your experience.


It’s time for a mindful break 🤗