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Throughout this course, the term “we” is often used in the context of us being a collective humanity having a shared existence at this moment in time.

Your journey is unique.

As you begin your mindfulness journey, it’s important to remember that where you are right now is the place that is right for you.

The feelings that come up for you during this process are special to you and unique to the path you are on today.

We invite you to honor your feelings and stay in the moment. We invite you to stay with us on this journey, even if it feels a little uncomfortable. 

It’s natural to feel a little vulnerable.  

You may even grow to appreciate the sensation and lean into the discomfort for even greater personal insights. We call this a growth mindset.

This is the beginning of your mindful journey. There is no judgment.

As you read and learn, see the possibilities of a mindful life.

“You are seen. You are heard. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Let’s get mindful!”

– Team MBA