Benefits of Mindfulness

After discovering the skills and attitudes of mindfulness, which will you need to meet your aspirations?

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Benefits for Teachers

Mindfulness helps teachers choose how to respond to the many different priorities that need their attention.

It helps them create the pause to bring their full attention and awareness to the present moment without judgment. Attention control, self-awareness, and emotional regulation are all proven benefits of mindfulness.

Benefits include:

  • Demonstrated reduced stress and burnout
  • Reported greater SUCCESS in doing their jobs
  • Helps create safe and emotionally supportive environments

What do teachers have to say about mindfulness in the classroom?

We had a day when the power went out at school. The kindergartners were able to self-regulate with deep breathing to calm themselves because it was dark and many are afraid of the dark. The tools that I received from the SEL program were invaluable during this time

Sarah Uszak (kindergarten teacher, Prospect Elementary School)

My students would come in after recess, lunch, or the birthday snack completely rambunctious and distracted. By using a few mindful minutes at the beginning of class to practice mindfulness, students most times were able to settle into the moment and focus their attention on what we were creating that day.

Caryl, K-4 Art Teacher

To achieve the benefits of mindfulness, you must choose to make it a part of your daily life.